donderdag 20 november 2008


Het thema van het formidabele album Traitorland van Nathan Bell is het leven in Amerika sinds 11 september 2001. When the dust had settled and the building were gone / There were prayers, there were poems and people wrote songs / And we swore to remember what we'd seen and we'd heard / It took us six long years to forget those words. Het openingsnummer Six Long Years hakt er direct goed in. They call dead men heroes and live men traitors / Feed the money to the machine and the people to the gators / Ask anybody out there, it's easy to tell / For six long years, we've been mad as hell. En in titelnummer (Rules For Living In) Traitorland: Don't let them tell you what to read / Don't let them tell you who to fear / Don't let them tell you anything at all / don't believe a single thing you hear / In Traitorland.

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